Welcome to The New Life Leadership Institute at Bethesda Village


Recently, U.S. Census Bureau data showed that despite the improved economy, more young adults are living at home with their parents than in the last 50 years. The percentage for males, ages 18 to 34, is reported to be almost 43%. Many of these young men are less educated, less employable, and less capable and a burden to the parents that continue to house and support them. This epidemic of “Failure to Launch” youth has produced guilt-ridden parents who are in severe conflict. Parents don’t want these adult children living at home, but they don’t want to put them out on the street. Some of these young men return home for a few months to transition from college to the working world, but millions are unmotivated, often addicted to drugs, alcohol, or video games. They are alienated from God and parents, have no job, and little motivation to become responsible, self-supporting, independent adults seeking God’s will for their lives.

What these young men need is help launching through a program of Christian instruction, discipleship, and training. The New Life Leadership Institute at Bethesda Village 12-month residential program will help young men reach their maximum potential, find their God given purpose in life, and develop the tools they need to live out and fulfill that purpose.

Most programs are identified by the stigmatizing problem label such as drug and alcohol program, eating disorder program, and sexual addiction treatment. Other programs are identified by the process used to overcome the problem such as, The 12 Step Recovery Program, The Transformation Center, Pathways, or some other trite, over-used label. A better idea is to identify a program by the desired end result. In the case of 18 to 28 year-olds who have failed to launch, New Life is not interested in them simply working the steps, or stopping using something, either of which would be good steps but inadequate goals for these young men. New Life wants to help these underachieving young men become dedicated Christian leaders motivated to impact the world for Christ as disciples of Christ. Participating in The New Life Leadership Institute at Bethesda Village will remove the stigma from young men and their families, and also be an honorable and fruitful way for a young man to spend a year.

The New Life Leadership Institute program is 12 months in length. During which time, young men will live exclusively at Bethesda Village and will participate in a set schedule which involves devotional time, exercise, corporate meals, work around the grounds of the property, recreation, and relaxation, teaching, counseling, mentorship, and, leadership instruction.

The desired program outcomes for these young men include:

  • Instilling a strong work ethic, where work is seen as a gift from God and an opportunity as well as a responsibility of young men;
  • Gaining knowledge and skills to competently contribute to society and support himself through meaningful work;
  • Motivating young men to go beyond mere existence to serving, leading, and discipling others spiritually with godly character and maturity;
  • Understanding and living out the character that will create rich and meaningful relationships in every area of life;
  • Mastering life skills that include an understanding of finances and financial responsibility;
  • Living free of additions and dependencies and live out a relapse prevention plan that maintains a pure and free lifestyle;
  • Knowing God’s truth, plan and calling for life, and utilizing spiritual gifts to carry out that calling;
  • Being able to recognize the importance of self-discipline;
  • Desiring to be in a continual process of transformation into a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ and seeking new ways to serve others through outstanding leadership.

Additional Program Elements:

Family Program: Each family will be involved in the ongoing progress of the resident as well as visits to Bethesda to participate in sessions specifically designed for the entire family.

Recreation and Fitness: A portion of the Bethesda grounds will be devoted to athletic fields for soccer, baseball and other team sports. There will be a fitness training center equipped with weights and other fitness equipment.

Arts and Creativity: Resources, materials and instruction will be available to develop creative abilities and talents.

Mentoring and Sponsorship: The Institute will partner with local churches to provide Christian mentors and sponsors to provide quality leadership and community opportunities.

Pricing: TBD