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B&W Stakeholder Plant The Bethesda Village Stakeholder -
If you haven’t already, you will soon be hearing the term “stakeholder” used in reference to Bethesda Village. You’ll see it in our new Prayer Journal and you’ll also be hearing it about it as our upcoming Stakeholders’ Meeting approaches.
Most of us are probably used to hearing the word … Read More
bethesda_prayer_walk2014_slide01 Bethesda Village Prayer Walk & Concert -


How can we build Bethesda Village without ongoing prayer? The answer is—we can’t. There are always those who faithfully pray through thick and thin. And for that, we are eternally grateful.

Be part of our prayer efforts.

Let us join together at Bethesda Village on Saturday, March 22nd for … Read More

Matt.Final Matt Pierce – Pastor of Recovery Ministries -

As most of you already know, I serve here at Golden Hills Community Church as the Pastor of Recovery. Although that title tells you what I do, it doesn’t offer much insight into who I am as a person. My relationships, personality and approach to life tell you more about … Read More